"Pastor John J. Hunter and First Lady Denise Hunter, of the 19,500 member First AME Church of Los Angeles, issued the following statement while on travel in Florida, regarding the Trayvon Martin killing in Stanford, Florida."

Michael Ellison-Lewis
Spokesman for First AME Church of Los Angeles




First AME Church of Los Angeles
March 26, 2012

"We are in Florida participating in protests because as the parents of a young African American child and people of good conscience we are outraged by the events that have taken place in response to the Trayvon Martin killing. It is beyond comprehension that Mr. Zimmerman believed that Trayvon Martin posed such an imminent threat that the only option available to him was to take his life.

We are also incensed by the response of the local law enforcement officials. We believe that it is imperative that all Americans come together at this critical juncture to make a clear statement that being a minority, wearing a hoodie, or carrying Skittles and iced tea does not constitute criminal activity. We must also clearly state that we will not tolerate injustice, racism or vigilanteism. The value of all children's lives must be honored and respected."

Pastor John J. Hunter
First Lady Denise Hunter
First AME Church of Los Angeles