The Youth Choir will be in concert on April 15, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.
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Featured Guest:

BET's Sunday's Best Finalist & Gospel Reording Artist

Born July 12, 1988 to Mary and Howard Reedy, Jessica Reedy began her journey to becoming a singer at an early age. She was first introduced to the microphone at the age of four, when her grandfather (the late Pastor James Dorsey) would call her up after his sermons at the Greater Freewill Missionary Baptist Church to sing. Jessica would then take the courage built from singing at church, and began competing in local talent competitions at Morley Elementary School. After playing in the band under the leadership of Principle Charles McNair, he opened the opportunity for her to sing in front of the entire staff and student body in a Black History program. She would then go off to Central Middle School, where principle Dr. Norwood would request for her to sing in many of the events held at the school, including the talent show where she received the gold medal each year.

During this time she encountered a great loss when her father, Howard Reedy, was brutally murdered while in his home. In this same year her grandfather, James Dorsey, suffered a severe stroke and heart attack that would land him in the hospital for 8 ½ years. This was the beginning of a long and difficult road for Jessica. As she entered high school, she discovered not everyone was her friend and began acting out and fighting. This left her friendless and alone until her mentor John Pugh introduced her to the NAACP ACT-SO band, where she would later become the lead singer. She learned how to direct her anger and loneliness into her music. By the 11th grade she had competed locally and won gold each year, but could never place nationally.

By now she had had the opportunity to work with artists such as Keith Sweat, Usher, Nancy Wilson, Bill Cosby, Stu Gardner and many more. She had also auditioned for "American Idol" in hopes that she would become the next R&B star, but with no success. She didn't yet know that God would later have something much more special in mind for her. Her senior year she placed gold nationally and decided to take her singing to the next level. She went on to attend Tougaloo College where she was appointed a full music scholarship. That journey was shortly detoured when she discovered, in her second semester, that she was 2 months pregnant. Feeling like everyone was looking down on her, she dropped out and returned back home to Saginaw Michigan.

Mentally discouraged and raising her son on her own, with the help of her mother and son’s grandfather, she turned to the only person that she knew would never let her down -- God. With no peace of mind and no direction or new plan in life, God would first restore and rebuild the trust in him that she had once had, deliver her from the shame that was brought on by many close friends and associates, and then show her who was God. After receiving salvation, she promised the Lord to forever serve him and he honored her faithfulness. He used a close friend to take her to BET’s Sunday Best Auditions where she would later claim the 1st runner up position.

She has shared the stage with Mary Mary, Be Be Winans, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Donald Lawrence, Kieara Sheard, Ricky Dillard, and many more.

Since the show, Jessica has increased in her ministry, striving everyday to remain faithful and more like God and has been spreading the good news everywhere she goes. Her plans for the future are in God’s hands and she is leaning and trusting on his perfect plan for her life.